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What sets Jersey Tents apart from the rest? The care we put into every tent.

Renting a tent is a crucial element in planning your outdoor event! What is the difference between pole and frame tents, do I have adequate space, and what about the weather. Renting from Jersey Tents is a painless process, we have the knowledge and experience guaranteeing you get the right tent for your event.
With our tents rest assured knowing all your guests have plenty of room to move and sit comfortably. We clean our tents regularly to make sure you are getting nothing but a beautiful tent and our tents are of the highest quality material. Don't forget to view information on our tables and chairs, hands down our chairs are the most comfortable rental chair in the Capital Region.
Jersey Tents, only for the best for our customers. Don't forget to view information on our tables and chairs.
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No center poles or obstructions.
Freestanding and aesthetically pleasing.

Frame Tent Rentals In The Capital District

Frame tents are freestanding tents made of aluminum or steel pipes that support a fabric roof without the use of interior poles. The tent top is a made of blackout vinyl that lowers the temperature on those hot summer days, plus we offer many styles of sidewall protection for when the weather isn't on your side. Our frame tents can adjust from six to ten feet for events that need a staging area. Frame tents are limited to a max width of 50 feet.
  • Flexibility: Without the constraints of center poles, you have the freedom to set up your event however you like. Frame tents are particularly ideal if your event will feature a movie, or if you will be arranging the seating around a particular focal point.
  • Flooring options: Frame tents are ideal when you're working with a hard surface, but another major benefit is that you can use virtually any surface you want along with the tent. Would you like to add a dance floor or an aisle for a wedding?
  • Space: Whether you're hosting a small gathering or planning an event with hundreds of guests in attendance, we have frame tents that can accommodate your needs.
Commercial Grade, durable, and water proof tent top.
Allow an additional five feet around for staking.

Pole Tent Rentals In The Capital District

Pole tents are a tension style tent that is supported by a minimum number of perimeter poles and center poles. Pole tents work best on a relatively flat surface where staking is possible.
  • Versatility: We proudly offer small, medium, and large pole tents. Whether you're operating a booth at a festival or throwing a party, we have something that can accommodate your needs.
  • Uneven surfaces: A pole tent sets up better on grounds that have slight slopes in the setup surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Because center and side poles are the only hardware needed to support the tent top, the white vinyl tent top is on full display rather than being obstructed.
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